Apra PA

Prospect Researchers of Pennsylvania local chapter of Apra


Article I – Organization Name

The name of the organization is Apra PA (formerly known as Prospect Researchers of Eastern Pennsylvania [PREP/APRA]), which operates as a local chapter of the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement (commonly known as Apra).

Article II – Mission

The mission of Apra PA is to educate, to foster professional development and career growth, and to promote standards of excellence within the field of prospect research.

Article III – Membership and Meetings

Membership is open to individuals who seek to foster a positive association with Apra PA, whose terms of affiliation shall not be contrary to the goals of Apra, and who shall uphold the responsibilities and integrity of Apra without conflict of interest.  A minimum of one chapter meeting shall be conducted per year.


Article IV - Board of Directors

Section A - Board Membership

Apra PA shall be governed by an elected Board of Directors. At a minimum, fifty percent (50%) of the Chapter board members must be Apra members in good standing.

Section B - Term of Office

Each director shall be elected through a process of nomination and, under the authority of the bylaws of the association, serve one (1) but not more than three (3) consecutive terms, a term being two (2) years.  To maintain continuity, at least two (2) officers should be elected in alternate years.

Each director shall have an equal vote of not more than one (1) and shall forfeit her/his vote during her/his absence at a regular Board meeting.  In the event that said director is unable to attend, she/he may designate an alternate who may execute the director’s vote and that alternate’s vote shall have an equal value of not less that one (1).

Section C - Election of Officers and Directors

A Nominating Committee, to be named by the Board, shall recommend candidates for office, shall request nominations from the membership-at-large and shall present to the Chapter membership a slate of candidates to be elected by majority vote.  The date of the election and procedure for voting shall be set by the Board.

To maintain continuity, at least two (2) officers and two (2) directors should be elected in alternate years.

Section D - Vacancies

A vacancy on the Board shall occur when and if an officer or director becomes disqualified, is unable to perform her/his duties and/or Board responsibilities, resigns, or whenever the Board shall elect to increase its membership.  When a vacancy occurs, the Board shall nominate a candidate from the membership-at-large and approve the nominee to serve the balance of the term.

Section E - Structure of the Board

The Board shall be composed of at least six Directors, at least three (3) of whom will be Officers.  At a minimum, fifty percent (50%) of the Board of Directors must be Apra members in good standing.



President – chairs all meetings, acts as spokesperson for the membership of the local chapter, sets and distributes the agenda for Board meetings, files the Apra board member and chapter demographics reports, and attends quarterly Chapter Leader conference calls organized by Apra.

Vice President/Conference Director (formerly Vice President/Program Director) – coordinates all aspects of program planning for chapter conferences, e.g. speakers, location, agenda, etc., and assumes the responsibilities of the president in her/his absence.

Secretary – takes minutes at all meetings, distributes meeting minutes to the Board and to the membership-at-large, oversees the election process, and maintains official documents, including the bylaws, strategic plan, and conference planning document.

Treasurer – handles the financial accounts for Apra PA, attends quarterly Chapter Treasurer conference calls organized by Apra, and is responsible for filing the federal form 990 and the Apra financial report.

In order to comply with Illinois law (Apra headquarters location), the chapter requires a minimum of three active officers. In a circumstance where the board is understaffed, the Secretary and Treasurer positions may be combined until such time as an additional officer joins the board and assumes one of the roles. The combined Secretary/Treasurer position incorporates all of the roles and responsibilities outlined above under both positions.

Board of Directors:

Membership Director – maintains the membership list, provides information to the Membership Director of the Apra Board and to the Apra office, coordinates the annual membership drive.

Communications & Website Director – maintains communication with the membership-at-large through various means including, but not limited to, event brochures, chapter newsletter and email alerts; markets the chapter in conjunction with the Membership Director.  Maintains the organization’s Web site by keeping the information current. Provides information to the organization’s members regarding chapter activities via publications, emails, and the website.

Programming Director (formerly Resource Director) - coordinates the resource exchange, Professional Development Grant drawing and the optional roundtable discussion program at conferences.  Administers the mentoring/skill sharing program.  Assists with programming needs for annual conference, and organizes additional programming as needed and approved by Apra PA Board.  For example- Educational Week or Networking opportunities.

Board Member Costs and Reimbursements:

Board members will not be required to pay registration costs associated with attendance at chapter conferences and programs where they are representing the Board. Unless included in registration fees, Board members will be responsible for their own food costs.

Travel costs will not be reimbursed, with the exception of attendance at the annual face-to-face chapter Board meeting and annual travel by two Board members to the Apra Chapter Summit in Chicago.

Board members will be reimbursed for justifiable expenses related to programs (e.g., providing refreshments for attendees, gifts for speakers/presenters, etc.)


Additional committees may be formed on an ad hoc basis for the purposes of meeting a temporary need, completing a project, or as a standing committee that meets a chapter need. A minimum of one Board officer or director should serve on each committee as a liaison between the Board and the committee.

Section F - Meetings

The Board of Directors for Apra PA shall meet in person at least once a year during the fiscal year ending December 31 and at such times as may be deemed appropriate by a majority vote of the Board.

Any director who is absent from two (2) consecutive meetings without reasonable or sufficient cause may, upon consideration by the Board, be removed from office.

Fifty percent (50%) of the elected directors in attendance shall constitute a quorum, with a majority of those in attendance voting in order that an issue be approved and/or ratified.

Prior to each Board meeting, the president shall distribute an agenda to each director.

Mileage expenses for travel by Board members to Board meetings may be reimbursed by the Treasurer, at the approved IRS rate for such expense.

Section G - Powers and Authority

The Board of Directors shall have the ultimate authority to make and execute all rules, policies and/or decisions necessary to conduct the affairs of Apra PA in an efficient manner.

Article V – Dissolution

In the event that Apra PA is unable to maintain adequate membership due to diminished interest, lack of leadership or other viable reasons, the Board of Directors may recommend that the Chapter be dissolved.  A majority vote of the Board of Directors shall be required to send the motion to the general membership.  A majority vote of the current membership shall be required to approve dissolution.  A majority vote of the Board shall be required to determine whether the remaining funds in the Chapter treasury will be distributed for scholarships and/or programming to either Apra International or to another Apra chapter.

Article VI – Revisions and Amendments

The President shall schedule an annual review of the bylaws at the annual Board meeting of the year. Revisions and amendments may be made, as necessary, by a majority vote of the Board.

Adopted January 4, 2000

Amended July 11, 2002

Amended December 4, 2002

Amended February 7, 2005

Amended January 24, 2006

Amended August 24, 2006

Amended August 3, 2007

Amended January 24, 2008

Amended September 21, 2010

Amended August 12, 2011

Amended July 19, 2012

Amended January 22, 2016

Amended April 13, 2017

Amended April 9, 2019

APRA Pennsylvania is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is a state chapter of APRA, an internatioanl memberhsip organization that "serves and educates fund-raising professionals interested in advancement research and promotes the profession of advancement research."

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