PREP (Prospect Researchers of Eastern Pennsylvania) began in 1991 as an informal group of about 20 to 25 prospect researchers meeting generally three times a year, for networking and informal training.

At the November 2, 1999, conference held at Dickinson College, the PREP membership voted to affiliate formally with APRA International to take advantage of benefits offered by associating with the international group. The group's new name was carefully chosen to honor both the original founding group, as well as to reflect its association with APRA International. PREP/APRA stands for Prospect Researchers of Eastern Pennsylvania, a Chapter of the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement (APRA).

Since affiliating with APRA International, the Chapter's membership has grown to nearly 100 members. APRA provided financial support for the new Chapter, as well as a grant that in part allowed PREP/APRA to offer paid programming for the first time at its Spring 2002 conference, which attracted over 75 attendees.

PREP/APRA has within its current membership a number of 10+ year members who were recognized at the Spring 2002 conference.

PREP/APRA has grown in many ways: in membership, in its ability to attract corporate sponsorship, in professional programming, and in the benefits offered to members. In 2005, APRA Greater Philadelphia merged with PREP/APRA, expanding the chapter even further.

In 2014, PREP/APRA changed it's name to APRA Pennsylvania to be inclusive of all people in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas of New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware that are interested in our mission.

APRA Pennsylvania is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is a state chapter of APRA, an international membership organization that "serves and educates fund-raising professionals interested in advancement research and promotes the profession of advancement research."

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