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    • 07/13/2022
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    • Your Desk
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    Virtual Roundtable: Raiser's Edge

    Join Apra PA for a virtual roundtable to discuss all things Raiser's Edge! Bring your trickiest questions and best workarounds to discuss with the group. 

    When: July 13th, 1pm EST

    Where: Your Office or Home

    Cost: FREE

    Who: Registration Open Early for Apra PA Members (until July 1st) and Then Open to All

    Questions: lauren.woodring@philamuseum.org

    • 07/18/2022
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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    Book Club- Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

    Join Apra PA as we discuss the book "Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance" by Angela Duckworth. 

    When: July 18th at 1 pm

    Cost: FREE

    Who: Apra PA Members Can Register Now, Open to the Public June 1

    Questions: lauren.woodring@philamuseum.org

    • 08/05/2022
    • 7:05 PM
    • Citizens Bank Park, 1 Citizens Bank Way, Philadelphia, PA 19148
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    Philly Researchers Go to the Ballpark! 

    Please join Philadelphia area prospect researchers and friends for a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game against the Washington Nationals.  

    Where: Citizens Bank Park, Section 302 

    When: Friday, August 5th at 7:05 PM

    Who: Philadelphia area researchers, friends, co-workers, and family


    $16 per ticket for Apra PA Member (can buy more than 1 ticket)

    $18 per ticket for non Apra PA Member (helps us offset the fees) 

    For any questions, please email lauren.woodring@philamuseum.org.

    Go Phillies!  

    • 10/25/2022
    • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Zoom
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    Understanding Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Hedge Funds: A Prospect Research Perspective 

    High finance professionals are among the most highly compensated in the world. Indeed, many transformative philanthropic gifts trace their origins to the career success of a high finance prospect. For all of the top-line prominence, however, high finance remains a complicated and largely opaque industry. Understanding what finance professionals actually do on a daily basis or how the industry works over time can be a challenge. Yet this is exactly the kind of information that is needed if prospect development professionals wish to successfully identify, cultivate, and solicit finance pros. This presentation will provide an overview of the three core alternative investment managers in high finance: venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds. We will discuss the similarities and differences between the three, how they are structured as businesses, how compensation works among these firms, and more. The focus of the presentation will be on providing prospect development professionals with the information that they need to effectively fundraise among venture capital, private equity, and hedge fund prospects.

    This session will be recorded. 

    When: October 25th, at 2pm EST

    Cost: FREE for Apra PA members; $10 if you have a professional development budget; FREE if you do not have a professional development budget 

    Questions: lauren.woodring@philamuseum.org


    Mike Boyle is a Senior Research Analyst at Princeton University, where he has been conducting prospect research and managing special projects since 2016.  Prior to joining Princeton, he earned a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the City University of New York. Mike grew up in Pennsylvania but now lives in New Jersey.  

    Samir Chapra has been a Senior Research Analyst at Princeton University since 2016. He began his prospect research career at Cambridge University's US foundation, Cambridge in America, and then spent two years as a research analyst at the William J. Clinton Foundation. Samir earned a BA in history from Georgetown University and graduate degrees in nonprofit administration and business from Concordia University in Montreal. 

Past events

06/29/2022 Pittsburgh Happy Hour
05/23/2022 MARC Conference
05/17/2022 Webinar: Creating a Prospect Management System for Small and Solo Research Shops
04/13/2022 Roundtable: Researching Companies and Foundations
03/21/2022 Roundtable: Non-Alumni Prospecting
03/15/2022 Mid-Atlantic Panel: Navigating Leadership Changes
02/09/2022 Roundtable: Wearing Many Hats
12/14/2021 Mid-Atlantic Holiday Gathering
12/07/2021 Virtual Roundtable: Higher Education
11/11/2021 Virtual Roundtable: Managing Student Workers
11/08/2021 Webinar: DEI Data Guide
10/28/2021 Apra PA 2021 VC - Prospect Management Discussions
10/18/2021 Apra PA 2021 VC - Data Analytics Discussions
10/13/2021 Virtual Roundtable: Environmental / Conservation / Animal Welfare Causes
10/05/2021 Virtual Roundtable: Arts & Culture
09/30/2021 Book Club: Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts
09/28/2021 Apra Mid-Atlantic's International Prospecting Panel
09/28/2021 Apra PA 2021 VC - Professional Development Discussions
09/16/2021 Apra PA 2021 VC - Prospect Research Discussions
09/01/2021 2021 Virtual Conference
08/04/2021 Post- Apra PD Brown Bag Lunch Discussion
07/13/2021 Book Club: Precision Prospect Development
06/23/2021 Virtual Roundtable: Higher Education
06/08/2021 Webinar: Due Diligence and You
06/02/2021 Virtual Roundtable: Tessitura
05/24/2021 Walk, Run, Fly: Tools for ED&I in Fundraising
05/20/2021 AFP Philadelphia: Collaboration Between Frontline Fundraisers and Researchers Panel Discussion
05/12/2021 Virtual Roundtable: Museums
05/04/2021 Coffee Chat with Apra PA & Apra NY
04/29/2021 Virtual Roundtable: Solo Shop
04/21/2021 Virtual Roundtable: International Research
03/31/2021 Virtual Roundtable: K-12 Schools
03/24/2021 Webinar: Naming Gifts
03/23/2021 Virtual Introduction to Prospect Research
03/10/2021 Virtual Roundtable: Solo Shop
02/17/2021 Virtual Roundtable: Raiser's Edge 4th Session
02/10/2021 Virtual Book Club: Just Giving
01/27/2021 Virtual Roundtable: DonorPerfect
01/27/2021 Career Compass: Which Direction Are You Going?
01/20/2021 Virtual Roundtable: Banner
11/19/2020 Virtual Book Club: Decolonizing Wealth
11/05/2020 Virtual Roundtable: Salesforce 2nd Session
10/26/2020 Apra PA 2020 Virtual Chapter Conference
10/26/2020 Apra PA 2020 Virtual Chapter Pre-Conference RFM Workshop
10/22/2020 Virtual Roundtable: Raiser's Edge 3rd Session
09/17/2020 Apra Midatlantic Covid Survivial Trivia Night
09/10/2020 Free Library of Philadelphia: The New Frontier: A Dialogue on the Future of Philanthropy in Philadelphia
08/27/2020 Virtual Roundtable: Advance
08/24/2020 Advance Tomorrow: The Prospect Development Virtual Experience
08/20/2020 Webinar: Origin Stories
08/10/2020 How To Conduct Prospect Research
07/30/2020 Virtual Book Club: Unicorns Unite
07/28/2020 Virtual Roundtable: Raiser's Edge 2nd Session
07/23/2020 Apra Mid-Atlantic: Powering Up for a Career Relaunch
07/16/2020 Virtual Roundtable: Salesforce
06/25/2020 APRA Michigan Webinar: Connecting Virtually with Gift Officers
06/24/2020 Virtual Roundtable: Raiser's Edge
05/15/2020 Apra GA: Optimizing Data and Revitalizing Prospect Management
05/14/2020 Cancelled: Philadelphia Happy Hour
05/14/2020 Learn at the Free Library: How the Philadelphia Library System Can Help You Research
05/12/2020 Webinar: Relationship Mapping
05/07/2020 CANCELLED: Virtual Happy Hour
04/30/2020 Cancelled: Virtual Happy Hour
04/29/2020 Apra MD: #GivingTuesdayNow: Research, Analytics and Portfolio Management During a Crisis
04/23/2020 Virtual Happy Hour
04/23/2020 Apra MD: Separating Hype from Value: Ten Vital Ways to Capture True Value in Fundraising Data Science
04/21/2020 Webinar: RFM Analysis
04/16/2020 Virtual Happy Hour
04/09/2020 Virtual Happy Hour
04/09/2020 Webinar: Text Mining in Social Media - A Sentimental Journey
04/09/2020 Apra Office Hours: Open Discussion on Job Insecurity and Challenges in the time of COVID-19
04/09/2020 APRA NY: Level Up Your Fundraising With the Power of Influencer Fundraising and Twitch
04/07/2020 Apra NY: Analysis Throughout Your Campaign
04/03/2020 APRA NY Coffee Talk
04/02/2020 Virtual Happy Hour
04/01/2020 APRA NY: To Affinity and Beyond: A Look at Understanding a Donor's Connection to Your Mission
03/27/2020 GG+A Free Webinar: Making Relationships Matter
03/26/2020 Virtual Happy Hour
03/26/2020 Apra Michigan: Webinar: Working from Home
03/26/2020 Apra MD: This or That: Saying No to Low-Impact Projects to Pave the Way for More Strategy
03/25/2020 Staupell Analytics Group Water Cooler Chat
03/24/2020 Apra Indiana: Researching During a Crisis
03/23/2020 Apra International Twitter Chat on Working Remotely
03/17/2020 Network and Learn in Central PA: CANCELLED
03/12/2020 Webinar: Introduction to Data Visualization for Research and Prospect Managers
03/05/2020 Virtual Roundtable: Cause Based
02/20/2020 Virtual Roundtable: Education
02/13/2020 Virtual Roundtable: Healthcare
02/12/2020 Webinar: Let's Get Engaged! Creating an Engagement Score Using Excel
01/16/2020 Webinar: Who's At the Top of Your List?
12/05/2019 Prospect Development Roundtable: Pittsburgh
12/04/2019 Main Line Happy Hour
12/04/2019 Prospect Development Roundtable: Philadelphia / Mainline
11/19/2019 Philly Happy Hour
11/19/2019 Roundtable: Research for the Solo Researcher
11/18/2019 Empower Yourself to Improve Gift Officer Relationships
10/22/2019 Apra PA 2019 Chapter Conference
09/25/2019 Webinar- Alternative Ways to Reduce Stress for Researchers: One Size Doesn't Fit All
08/01/2019 Prospect Development 2019: Mid-Atlantic Chapters Happy Hour
07/12/2019 Philly Researchers Go to the Ballpark: Registration Closed
05/01/2019 Roundtable: Research Deliverables
03/27/2019 March Happy Hour - Philadelphia
03/27/2019 March Happy Hour - Pittsburgh
02/07/2019 Webinar Watch Party - Philadelphia
02/07/2019 Webinar Watch Party - Pittsburgh: CANCELLED
01/23/2019 Roundtable: Research Deliverables
11/29/2018 Webinar: Best Inclusive Practices in Prospect Development to Advance Women's Philanthropy
10/09/2018 Apra PA 2018 Chapter Conference
09/18/2018 Fall Happy Hour - Philadelphia
09/18/2018 CANCELLED Fall Happy Hour - Central Pennsylvania: Carlisle
09/18/2018 Fall Happy Hour- Main Line: Rosemont
09/18/2018 Fall Happy Hour: Pittsburgh
08/10/2018 APRA PA at the Warhol
08/09/2018 APRA PA & OPRN Joint Happy Hour
08/08/2018 Prospect Development 2018 Conference (in Pittsburgh!!)
07/11/2018 Philadelphia Happy Hour
06/14/2018 Webinar: Data Protection in Europe and Prospect Research
06/07/2018 Roundtable Discussions and Happy Hour in Gettysburg
05/24/2018 Roundtables on the Road: Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
05/09/2018 Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Philadelphia Chapter Conference
02/07/2018 APRA Share the Knowledge Webinar
02/07/2018 Apra PA Webinar and Idea Exchange
11/06/2017 Post-Conference Happy Hour
11/06/2017 Apra PA 2017 Chapter Conference
11/01/2017 Plug In to Prospect Research
10/24/2017 "City Mouse, Country Mouse" Real Estate Webinar, co-hosted with Apra Carolinas
09/07/2017 Western PA Networking Session
07/27/2017 Apra International Happy Hour
07/26/2017 Prospect Development 2017
06/20/2017 Apra PA Networking Session
05/25/2017 OverDRIVE/ 2017
05/18/2017 AFP Greater Philadelphia Chapter Conference
04/07/2017 Roundtables on the Road: Chemical Heritage Foundation (Philadelphia)
03/03/2017 Roundtables on the Road: Philadelphia-Area Philanthropy, American Bible Society (Philadelphia)
02/17/2017 DIY RFM Scoring (Apra Chapters Share the Knowledge)
09/30/2016 Roundtables on the Road: Philadelphia Museum of Art
09/26/2016 Roundtables on the Road: Villanova University
07/28/2016 APRA Mid-Atlantic Chapters Happy Hour
07/27/2016 Prospect Development 2016
06/14/2016 APRA International 2016 Virtual Business Meeting
06/06/2016 APRA Regional Conference (ARC)
05/26/2016 Free IBM Webinar: Ditch the crystal ball—and see what’s really likely to happen
05/23/2016 APRA PA Conference 2016
02/18/2016 Connecting with "Connections": Chat with recent article authors
12/15/2015 Beyond Price: Evaluating Information Products
07/24/2015 Happy Hour at Prospect Development 2015
06/02/2015 MARC 2015 Lunch
02/19/2015 APRA PA's eBook Club Discussion
06/01/1990 1990 Annual Meeting

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